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Our service

Our terminal in Stanstead Quebec also acts as a granite storage yard where we keep an inventory of granite blocks of various sizes and colors. These blocks are delivered to the local manufactures as needed. Once the blocks are manufactured into slabs, monuments, granite counter tops, & other granite related products, we then transport the finished products throughout Canada & the north eastern US.

Although granite is our main commodity we also transport containers, logs, wood products, & anything else that requires a flatbed transport service.

R.H. Rediker Transport can offer our clients a quality flatbed transport service. We are very proud of our company that has been in business for more than 80 years & look forward to many more years to come.

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 Our history

R. H. Rediker Transport was founded in 1933 by Reginald H. Rediker. As a young man Reginald worked in the local granite quarries with his father, Reg had a vision of transporting granite via truck and he then purchased a 1931 Ford. This was the beginning of R.H. Rediker Transport.

Over the years Reg would transport anything and everything that he could in order to help his company grow. Granite has always been our main commodity due to our location, with the many granite quarries and  manufacturing plants.

Through the years Rediker Transport has grown and prospered, focusing our services on the granite industry. We now service Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta as well as the North Eastern United States.

R.H. Rediker Transport has always been owned and managed by dedicated family members. All four of Reg’s children played important roles in the growth and success of R.H. Rediker Transport over the years. Rediker is now owned by Reg’s grandchildren, Matthew & Christina Sutton. Reginald’s dedication to the ongoing wellbeing of his company remains ever present in the daily operations and management of the company.

Haulage requiring flatbed trailers.

Specializing in the transportation of granite for over 80 years!

A family business for three generation